Cryolipolysis slimming and body shaping machine sano laser

Short Description:

Adopts non-invasive treatment manner and exactly convey “frozen role”to fat gathering place to remove intractble fat cells. According to search of Massachusetts Boston General Hospital and Harvard Medical School dermatology specialist in America, fat cells are easier to be affected by frozen role, comparing to nearby tissue. Fat cells will solidify and decomposite at 4℃. But other nearby cells will die at 0 ℃. So it can safely remove fat cells, at the same time, not hurt skin and nearby tissue of fat cells.

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Cryolipolysis slimming and body shaping machine sano laser


1. Cellulite Reduction
2. Circumferential Reduction
3. Face & Body Reshaping, Body shaping
4. Wrinkle & Eye Pouch Improving,Wrinkle removal
5. Massage, Whole Body Deep Massage ultras
6. Body circumference reduction
7. Skin tightening,Skin surface smooth,Eyelid area treatment
8. Fat burning, Weight loss
9. Orange peel-like skin therapy

4 handles cryolipolysis  (3)
4 handles cryolipolysis  (4)

Machine advantages:

  1. Combining Cryolipo, Cavitation and RF 3 technologies in one; with 5 treatment handles for whole body treatment.
  2. 8 Peltier cooling plates inside the handle, making sure the lowest treatment temperature can reach -15℃.
  3. Super strong cooling system with 8L water tank, copper radiator and DC cooling fans ensures a 12 hours continous working of the machine.
  4. Double air pump and Japan imported magnetic valves guarantee a strong and stable vacuum intensity.
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