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Discover the Multifunctional Therapeutic Professional DPL Machine!

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Discover the Multifunctional Therapeutic Professional DPL Machine!


Introducing our latest innovation, the Sanhe Tech IPL with Filters Machine! This versatile device covers a wide range of treatments including hair removal, photofacial, acne treatment, and more. Equipped with nine interchangeable wavelength filters, it’s designed to meet all your skincare needs.

Ipl Laser Filters Beauty Machine.jpg

🔹 Nine Wavelength Filters:


420nm: Acne treatment

515nm: Epidermis pigmentation

530nm: Rosacea and flushing

560nm: Pigmentation and vascularization

590nm: Larger vessels and skin care

615nm: General skin care and pigmentation

640nm: Oil control and fine lines

695nm: Hair removal

755nm: Deep anti-aging



🔹 Key Advantages:

Treats Acne, Rosacea, Pigmented and Vascular Lesions: Also reduces age spots through photorejuvenation.

Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT): Controls pulse shape and length for precise treatments.

Multiple Sequential Pulsing (MSP): Ensures safer procedures with cooling between pulses.

Quick-Change Filters: Easily switch between 9 filters in seconds.

Cooling Handle: -4 to 20℃ for maximum patient comfort.


🔹 Spot Size Adaptors:

Quick-Change Adaptors: Easily adjust spot sizes with magnetic gold pieces for comfortable treatment of both small and contoured areas.

🔹 Advanced Technology:

OPT and MSP: High peak power and multiple-sequential pulsing for effective and safe treatments.

Ready to elevate your skincare game? Contact us now to learn more about the Sanhe Tech IPL with Filters Machine and schedule a demo!