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The Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine is a highly effective tool for the removal of dark tattoos and is considered the safest option for skin of color. It utilizes a top-hat beam profile to ensure homogeneous energy delivery and maximum safety, minimizing the risk of side effects or complications for the patient. In addition to tattoo removal, the machine also offers other functions, such as carbon peeling treatment.

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What is Pico second laser?

Pico second laser is the latest new generation technology for aesthetic use. Through trillions of a second and powerful laser energy to

grind the pigment in the skin tissue to reach the result of completely tattoo removal and pigment in all type of skin color.   Through specialized

fractional lens, Pico second laser can convert laser energy into gentle pressure to create new collagen by squeezing cells and activating the natural

cell without burning or damaging the skin.

Pico Tattoo Laser Removal Machine

Treatment range


1. High energy & Shot pulse duration:
2.Minimal risk and less pain
3.No anesthesia during the treatment, No inflammation
4. Fast: For tattoo removal, usually 6-8 treatment is necessary by Traditional Q:switch laser. With pico second laser, only 3-4 treatment is needed only for completely removal.
5.High performance
6.Suitable for skin color from I-IV skin Type, no hype pigmentation after treatment



Operation Steps

1、Clean the treatment area, if you have hair, you need to remove it

2、Apply anesthetic cream as needed

3、Disinfect the treatment area

4、Adjust the treatment parameters according to the parameter table

5、All treatments are recommended not to break the skin or ooze blood, which can greatly reduce the risk of melanin deposition, and the number of treatments will increase accordingly.

When starting treatment, use low frequency first (let the machine warm up first to reduce the damage to the machine), and slowly close to the skin to continuously emit light. Then slowly raise up to find a suitable distance to start treatment. After a few minutes, you can increase the frequency. When you start treatment, you must first get close to the skin to continuously emit light, and then slowly raise the treatment head, so as to avoid the sound from scaring the patient It can also find the best treatment distance. When the blasting sound is the loudest, it is when the energy is focused. In many cases, the focused energy is not used, because the focused energy will bleed, and the probability of coloration is very large. Generally 2 minutes after treatment The skin will flush and the effect is best. Focusing on energy: The point with the greatest energy can be judged by listening to the sound, and the point where the sound is the loudest and the most brittle can be understood by beginners.

6.It is recommended to use repair products and products that inhibit pigmentation after treatment

7.After treatment, you must enter physical sunscreen, masks, umbrellas, etc.

8.The general treatment interval is about one month, the parameter table has the recommended number of treatments, and the doctor determines whether to add treatment according to the patient's recovery.

Laser type

Pico second ND: YAG Laser

Energy Level

Single Mode: Max 400mj (532nm), Max 800mj (1064nm)

Double Mode:Max 800mj(532nm), Max 1600mj (1064nm)

Pulse width






Spot size










We have sold a lot of products to all over the world. Our company participates in many exhibitions every year, such as Italy, Dubai, Spain, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Turkey and Romania. There are some photos below:

Package and delivery

We package the machine in export standard metal box, and we use DHL, FedEx or TNT to delivery the machine to you by door to door service.


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