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3000W 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

• 4 Different Spot Sizes Treatment Heads Changeable on One Handle
• Gold Standard Working Energy - 10J+5ms.
• Super Short,Pulse Duration
• Super Long Life Span
• Super High Power



• Each Treatment Only Takes 30 Minutes to Decrease 19% Fat and Increase 16% Muscles Without Any Downtime
• Fouse on Body Shaping and Musle Building
• Health and Beauty Is What We Believe In


Picosecond Laser System

• 360 Degree Korean 7 Joints Arm
• Double Purple Laser Rod
• High Watt Opt Power Supply 2000w
• Intelligent Energy Intensity Detection System


Vacuum Microneedling RF&Fractional RF

• Mono/ Bipolar
• Gold Plating Needling
• Stepping Motor Type
• Tips Multifarious (All Body Treatment)
• Vacuum - Enhanced Topical Penetration Up To 67%


360° Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

• New generation cryolipolysis machine with 360 degrees cooling
• System, Effective cooling treatment area increased from 40% to 100%
• -12 degrees super cooling makes the treatment course shorter
• 5 replaceable applicatior in different sizes focus on all excess fat, Sspecially the p4 applicator - The novel design specifically targets thigh fat


Types of Beauty Laser Equipment

Those fine machines we sell fall into five main categories: devices for RF-based skin rejuvenation and deep wrinkle removal, for laser-based hair removal, Equipment for weight loss and body sculpting, for Low level laser based hair loss therapy, for Intense pulsed light based skin rejuvenation,  and for laser-based removal of skin pigmentation ect.
Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine5py

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Diode laser hair removal machines offer versatile, efficient and effective treatments. Hair removal machine with different powers and   different spot sizes can be selected for targeting various body areas.
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Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Cryolipolysis Slimming Machinejjl

Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

New generation Cryolipolysis machine features 360-degree cooling, increasing effective treatment area to 100% and achieving -12 degrees for shorter treatments. It includes 5 replaceable applicators for all fat areas, notably the P4 for thigh fat.
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Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

EMS Sculpting Machineq6u

EMS Sculpting Machine

The EMS sculpting machine offers a unique, non-invasive solution to simultaneously build muscle by 16% and reduce fat by 19% on average, with simple operation, pain-free sessions, and no downtime, ideal for a fast-paced lifestyle.
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EMS Sculpting Machine

Picosecond Laser Machineguo

Picosecond Laser Machine

Picosecond lasers are favored in dermatology for their efficiency in tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, and pigmentation treatment, offering quicker, safer, and more effective outcomes than traditional lasers.
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Picosecond Laser Machine

Vacuum Microneedling RF Machinefy0

Vacuum Microneedling RF Machine

The Vacuum Microneedle RF Machine is popular for non-surgical rejuvenation, stimulating collagen to improve skin texture, tone, and reduce wrinkles.
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Vacuum Microneedling RF Machine

Hot Beauty Laser Equipment

SANO Is A World-Leading Beauty Machine Manufacturer, Sell Various Beauty laser Equipment.

Beijing Sano Laser Development S&T Co., Ltd. - The Beauty Machine Supplier Is a professional manufacturer and beauty device supplier of aesthetics & medical laser device in China.
SANO lasers has its own Research & Development department, clinic, sales, and After-sales departments, can offer the professional technology supports and clinic data at the first time. SANHE is committed to the research and innovation of medical beauty technology, providing customers with professional beauty equipment and related technical service in the fields of skin management.
Know More About Sano

Beijing Sano laser Development S&T Co., Ltd.

Beijing Sano Laser Development S&T Co., Ltd. has built an excellent, world-wide beauty industry reputation not just for OEM/ODM manufacturing of top-value beauty and health equipment, but for comprehensive solutions.

We beat most competition for price and features, and match top-tier suppliers through great visual design of the machines themselves. We best all comers, however, with excellent guarantees, clear and sincere communication, and localized service. Also notable is a flexible management structure, both allowing for and demanding independence, making us far more efficient and productive than most Asian suppliers.
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Advantages Of Beijing Sano Laser Development S&T Co., Ltd.

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The 3000W/1800W Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine is amazing! Very good treatment results after the test. Even better results than my Korea machine, but this device from Sano is much cheaper sales is very good sale to do deal with, fast reponse, service is perfect Will come back for more devices, 5 stars for the machine and service.
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According to my test, this is the only real 3000W diode laser machine in China till NOW,But we need be careful about the treatment it's really powerful.
img (9)dae


The Vacuum Microneedling RF Machine has been a game-changer for my skincare routine. The combination of vacuum, microneedling, and radiofrequency technology has noticeably improved the firmness and texture of my skin, and I’ve seen a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is comfortable and the results are impressive.
img (10)yw0


The Vacuum Microneedling RF Machine is an excellent addition to our clinic. Our clients are thrilled with the dramatic improvements in skin firmness and texture and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The machine’s versatility allows us to offer a wide range of effective treatments, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased business.
img (11)6xz


I was impressed by the excellent effectiveness of Sano’s EMS body shaping machine in shaping and shaping my body. Advanced EMS technology results in visible muscle definition and firmness, while clients rave about the non-invasive nature of the treatment. Sano has once again proven their commitment to innovative and impactful beauty solutions.
img (12)x58


Sano’s Cryolipolysis RF Cavitation Slimming Machine exceeded our expectations with its superior fat reduction and body sculpting results. The combination of cryolipolysis, radiofrequency, and cavitation technology delivers impressive weight loss and body sculpting results for our clients. Sano continues to be committed to providing cutting-edge, effective beauty solutions.
img (13)knw


I’m really impressed with Sano’s range of beauty devices. From the skin-tightening effects of radiofrequency machines to the body-sculpting effects of cavitation and cryolipolysis devices, each product delivers dramatic and satisfying improvements. Sano’s commitment to providing effective and versatile beauty solutions has truly enhanced my skincare and body shaping routine.
img (14)ubx


The picosecond laser was a game changer for me. The dramatic results in removing unwanted pigmentation and improving skin texture are truly impressive. Minimal discomfort and recovery time make this treatment a great option for anyone looking to rejuvenate their skin. I am very excited about the remarkable results and overall experience with this machine.
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SANO LASER is committed to the research and innovation of medical beauty technology, providing customers with professional beauty equipment and related technical service in the fields of skin management.

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