808nm laser 650nm laser hair loss treatment machine with LLLT technology

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LLLT is a modern non-surgical hair loss treatment that uses laser light to stimulate cell growth and supercharge hair follicles. It helps to combat hair loss and improve the volume and appearance of hair. The therapy is painless and has no known side effects.

LLLT has been approved by the FDA as a hair loss treatment for both men and women. It is mainly used to treat androgenetic alopecia or what’s often referred to as male or female pattern-baldness.

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808nm laser 650nm laser hair loss treatment machine with LLLT technology

LLLT Laser Hair Growth Treatment- laser hair loss treatment with Sano laser

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Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in both men and women, and a hereditary condition which causes hair follicles to shrink and become dormant, eventually stopping hair growth all together.

LLLT can also be used to treat other forms of alopecia and hair loss that stems from causes such as chemotherapy or severe hair loss that may occur in women after pregnancy or menopause.

It is also frequently used to complement other hair loss treatments such as PRP therapy and can be particularly effective in conjunction with hair transplant procedures. Results with LLLT have also shown to be even more beneficial than medications over the short-term.

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The feature of this machine: 
1.Five kinds of wavelength (808nm,650nm,630nm,580nm, 460nm ). 
2.Lasers and LED cold laser mixed in one helmet. Most of the laser hair regrowth machine in the market only has the 650nm laser. Or only LED. But our SH650-1 hair regrowth system combines two kinds of lasers and 3 kinds of LED. 
3. Laser and LED lights are imported from Japan. We use higher quality Japanese laser and LED light. Energy is stable, lifetime is longer. 
4.Oxygen spray pen. Used for clean and sterilize scalp. 
5.Medicine spray pen. It can help the hair regrowth medicine like Minoxidil average on the scalp. 
6.Micro-current massage comb. To help medicine absorbed faster, and do massage to the scalp. 
7.Professional hair & Scalp analyzer. It can do the analysis for hair and scalp, save 2000 patients’ information, before and after photos (It has a camera to take photos), and print analysis report. 
8. The system is very easy to operate. The work time for the 5 wavelengths is adjusted separated. Most the machine in the market has no Medicine spray pen, Micro-current comb, Oxygen sprayer, also no Hair& Scalp analyzer.

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How LLLT Works

The laser light that’s used in LLLT produces a particular wavelength, which has a unique ability to be absorbed by the molecules of the hair follicles. The light helps to shift hair follicles into the growth stage in multiple ways.

When it penetrates the scalp, it stimulates the stem cells responsible for the regeneration of the hair follicles, encouraging hair regrowth. It also works to increase the production of ATP and the metabolic process of the cells for faster hair growth.

The light acts to increase blood flow in the targeted region of the scalp, therefore increasing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, causing the hair to grow with greater length and diameter. This helps to produce thicker hair shafts and results in fuller looking hair overall.

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LLLT Devices and Treatment

A variety of methods can be used to administer LLLT. Therapies can be administered in an in-office setting via hoods or overhead panels.

Popular products include laser combs, which are devices that emits LLLT similar to a hair brush, helmets, are also among the most common.

It may be an even better idea to consider consult a medical professional that specializes in hair restoration and hair loss treatments.

That’s us here at Beijing Sano Laser Company. If you’re considering LLLT for hair loss or wondering if it’s a treatment option that’s right for you, give us a call.

We can discuss the different therapies, procedures, and products that may be most effective for your individual case. And find real help for hair loss.

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