Magshape Pro RF 2 IN 1 device

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Magshape Pro is the world-first treatment that combines HIEMT technology with RF.



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Magshape pro is a versatile body sculpting, weight loss, muscle elasticity and muscle building tool. It is suitable for slimming, shaping, building muscle, dissolving fat, exercising waistline and lifting buttocks, which is good for health.

Experience the effect
Exercise abdominal muscles and build waistline;
Exercise buttock muscle, make honey peach buttock;
Exercise the oblique abdominal muscles and shape the fishing line.
Core principles
EMSculpt Building Muscle Machine (2)
Magshape Pro is world-first treatment that combines HIEMT technology with RF.
HIEMT: Electromagnetic fields trigger thousands of muscle contractions with
high intensity, which forces the muscle fibres and cells to multiply and grow at a
much faster rate, helping patients to significantly increase their muscle volume.
RF: While radiofrequency heat can burn and destroy fat cells.
The radiofrequency heating prepares muscles for exposure to stress, similar to
what a warm up activity does before any workout. It boosts blood supply to
muscles so they build up stronger and faster.
It also heats layers of subcutaneous fat to a level that causes apoptosis and
physically break down. Then damaged fat cells will be slowly removed by body
metabolism in a natural way, leading to permanent fat removal.
The radiofrequency process also helps to improve skin laxity while tightening up
the skin at the same time

Electromagnetic wave(Energy)


Output power



F1:1-10Hz   F2:1-100Hz

Pulse width



110-220V 50-60/Hz


System mode

Sport mode

Gentle mode

Professional mode


10.4 inch

Treatment handle

I-B1 、II-B2



Gross weight




Machine in treatment

Effect description
EMSculpt Building Muscle Machine


We have sold a lot of products to all over the world. Our company participates in many exhibitions every year, such as Italy, Dubai, Spain, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Turkey and Romania. There are some photos below:

Package and delivery

We package the machine in export standard metal box, and we use DHL, FedEx or TNT to delivery the machine to you by door to door service.


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