Microneedle RF & Fractional RF machine

Short Description:

Frequency :2MHz

Total RF Treatment Level : Up to Level 10

Dual Operation Mode :Fractional RF Micro-needle

Max Energy :50W

Depth of Needle: 0.5 – 3 mm (Adjustable)

Cooling  head: -10℃

Display :10.4  inch  LCD

Switch :Foot Switch

Electrical  Requirements: AC/100-240 V, 50-60 Hz 

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Pinxel-II Microneedle Fractional RF Machine

Combine Microneedle RF & Fractional RF 2 system in one machine

Dual fractional rf mode

Database technology

Regardless of skin types

Available to treat both epidermis and dermis

Professional vertical radio frequency microneedling Remove Stretch marks rf skin tightening machine




Fractional RF delivers thermal energy to the treatment area more safely and effectively,allowing treatment regardless of skin type. The laser energy is mostly absorbed by melanin, especially in darker skin which contains a higher melanin content.



For Micro Needle RF(invasive) treatments,Effective,direct thermal stimulation to remodel collagen with less epidermis damage.Micro Needle RF penetrates target area from epidermis to dermis without energy loss;stimulates and efficiently remodels disordered collagen.



  1. Combine Microneedle RF & Fractional RF 2 system in one machine
  2. Utilize Korea Imported Steped motor 
  3. Control the treatment depth from 0.5-3mm by screen
  4. AFT industry power ensure stable energy
  5. Cooling head treatment is more comfortable and can be used on other machines

Microneedle Clinic Skin Tightening


Suitable for All Body Treatment

  1. Deep wrinkles removal
  2. Skin tightening, skin Resurfacing
  3. Stretch mark removal
  4. Large Pore Reduction, skin rejuvenation
  5. Face lifting, Pigmentation removal


Microneedle RF & Fractional RF


Micro needle rf head (Invasive) for deep wrinkles, scar,acne & stretch marks removal

Negative bar, combine with Microneedle rf head for body wrinkles removal

Fractional rf head (Non-invisive) for skin tighening,skin whiting,skin lifting

Cooling head, used at before or after the treatment. To have a better result and make customers more comfortable and reduce pain


Microneedle RF

Two working modes:

1.Monopolar Mode combines negative bar to use  

2.Biopolar 25 pins 49 pins

Fractional RF

One tip: 64 pins

microneedling laser machine



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