A 20-year retrospective study confirmed that photorejuvenation can delay skin aging!

“Getting old” is a topic that people can’t escape.
Modern life is so rich, in addition to the passage of time, the “accelerators” that cause skin aging also include radiation, sunlight, the temptation of high-calorie food, etc. These seem to be force majeure for us.
Modern medical research shows that the skin of most women begins to decline from the age of 25, and the phenomenon of aging gradually appears.
If you want to delay aging and prevent “early aging” after the age of 25, let photorejuvenation help you!

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Symptoms of early aging 1:he skin condition is difficult to recover, and the complexion is dull and dull

As the age gradually increases, the metabolic rate decreases, and residual toxins pile up on the surface of the skin, uneven skin tone, dullness, and blackening… all begin to come to your door.

Early aging symptoms 2:dry skin, rough skin

The data shows that the water loss rate of the stratum corneum of women around the age of 25 has reached 90% of the fastest water loss rate in their lifetime, so the skin at this time is generally facing dryness. At the same time, due to the deterioration of the regeneration ability of the basal layer of the skin, the epidermal cells begin to shrink, the water storage capacity of the skin decreases, the water and oil become unbalanced, the skin begins to become rough, and the delicate feeling is greatly reduced.
Early aging symptom 3: enlarged pores, the first fine lines begin to appear

Excess oil on the face is squeezed on the surface of the skin, causing the pores to expand, making the phenomenon of enlarged pores more obvious. And with age, the subcutaneous fat layer will gradually loosen. Studies have shown that when women are around 25 years old, the elasticity of facial skin decreases gradually and quickly, and the troubles of the first wrinkles will strike at this time.
Protein light comprehensively prevents “early aging disease”

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Rejuvenating skin

No need to blindly pursue [full mode]
The photon skin rejuvenation project has the concepts of full mode and single mode. Many people think that the full mode must be a better choice, but it is not.
The so-called single mode is based on a single skin problem, using only one filter to operate; while the full mode can improve multiple skin problems through multiple filters.
Everyone’s skin problems have different priorities: some want to brighten the complexion, some want to reduce redness, and some want to remove acne marks. Some people only need to solve one skin problem, some people want to improve multiple problems…
For different needs, the selected pulse, filter, and energy will be different. Whether it is a full mode or not should be judged according to the patient’s own skin condition.
Whether it is a single mode, multi-mode or full mode, the number and type of filters must be determined according to the results of the face-to-face consultation.


Post time: Feb-08-2023