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What is Pico second laser?
Pico second laser is the latest new generation technology for aesthetic use. Through trillions of a second and powerful laser energy to grind the pigment in the skin tissue to reach the result of completely tattoo removal and pigment in all type of skin color. Through specialized fractional lens, Pico second laser can convert laser energy into gentle pressure to create new collagen by squeezing cells and activating the natural cell without burning or damaging the skin.

Different treatment handle:

532nm can remove age spots, epidermal spots, red birthmarks and red tattoos
585nm can remove the yellow color tattoo
650nm can remove the green color tattoo and blue color tattoo.
1064nm can remove the derma layer pigment in the face and body, sucha birthmark, nevus of Ota, coffee spot,blue and black color tattoo.




Advantage :

1.High energy & Shot pulse duration. The power emit in trillions of a second to skin tissue, which can explore the pigment into much more small pieces than tradational Q:switch laser. The pigment pieces can be absorbed more easily and faster

2、Minimal risk and less pain .Since the pulse duration has been reduced thousand of time, less damage of skin is realized. The treatment is more safe and less pain

3、No anesthesia during the treatment, No inflammation

4、Fast. For tattoo removal, usually 6-8 treatment is necessary by Traditional Q:switch laser. With pico second laser, only 3-4 treatment is needed only for completely removal.

5、High performance .Completely removal of tattoo and pigment can be reached with Pico second technology

6.Suitable for skin color from I-IV skin Type, no hype pigmentation after treatment

Laser type

Pico second ND: YAG Laser

Energy Level

Single Mode: Max 400mj (532nm), Max 800mj (1064nm)

Double Mode:Max 800mj(532nm), Max 1600mj (1064nm)

Pulse width






Spot size








Postoperative care

1.After treatment, there may be slight pain, white skin surface, epidermal bleeding, transient redness, swelling, blackening or even purpura. They can be absorbed by themselves without being too nervous.If there is a scab that will fall off on its own within 7--14 days, it should not be removed artificially, so as to avoid delaying skin healing and forming pigmentation.

2.Due to individual differences or climate changes, within a few days after treatment, the treatment area must not be in direct contact with water or other solutions to prevent infection. Try to eat less spicy food, excessive drinking, and smoking.

3.Very few individuals may have pigmentation on their skin after treatment, which usually subsides after 1-3 months.

4.After the operation, try to avoid activities in the sun and exposure, in order to avoid the production and increase pigmentation. Physical sunscreen works best
5.If any abnormal phenomenon is found after the operation, please go to the outpatient consultation and treatment in time.


We have sold a lot of products to all over the world. Our company participates in many exhibitions every year, such as Italy, Dubai, Spain, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Turkey and Romania. There are some photos below:

Package and delivery

We package the machine in export standard metal box, and we use DHL, FedEx or TNT to delivery the machine to you by door to door service.


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