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448khz Indeeplus Beauty Machine

Ret Rf Machine

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448khz Indeeplus Beauty Machine

Frequency: 448KHZ

Treatment handles: CAP y RES with vaccm

Output power: 300W

Monopolar Capacitive Electrode: φ40,50, 60, 70mm

Monopolar resistive electrode: φ30,50,70,80mm

Voltage: 220V 50HZ o 110V 60HZ

Machine dimensions: 320*370*820 mm

    INDIBA RET High Frequency Machine Detailed Description

    It is the unique system that stimulates intra and extra cellular ion exchange restoring physiological cell electrical activity,  which enables the correct functionality of the cells.
    Based on the 448 kHz frequency which is the key of our active cell therapy, it activates biostimulation, stimulates microcirculation and promotes metabolic hyperactivation, while respecting cell physiology.

    INDIBA RET High Frequency Machine Principle

    The 448 kHz frequency enhances ion mobilisation through the intra and extracellular matrix that restores the permeability of cell membrane potential.
    The cellular electrical balance optimises tissue recovery by supplying oxygen and nutrients, through the body’s natural blood supply. The circulatory activation (microcirculation and vasodilation) stimulates proliferation and fibroblasts activity generated by collagen. The result is tissue regeneration promoted by the 448 kHz frequency.

    CET (Capacitive Electronic Transfer)

    Insulated Electrode Current to be transferred“by Capacity” to the patient Go int 3 to 5 cm depth deep Effective for skin,lifting,pain relief.

    RET Resistive Electric Transfer

    Stainless Steel Electrode (not insulated)Current to be transferred dinectly to the paient Go Into 9 to 12cm depth, deep Effective for the subcutaneous fat.

    INDIBA RET High Frequency Machine Advantage

    Suitable for whole body, Face, belly, buttocks, leg, back.
    State of the Art Design
    Easy to move, equipped with a capacitive and resistive touch screen, devices are designed in  mind to offer a comfortable treatment for patients
    Stable Frequency of 448 kHz
    Extensive scientific research proves that 448 KHz is the optimal frequency to produce the best  therapeutic outcomes.
    Equipped with contact detection capability, when an device detects loss of contact between  the electrode and skin it decreases unit output causing no harm to the patient or device.
    Easy to Use
    Our interchangeable electrodes allow you to change the size of the electrode on both  the capacitive and resistive hand pieces with ease. Quick Connect Coupling enables  fast and simple changing of the electrodes.


    Face Lifting
    Lifting rejuvenating skin, improving wrinkles
    Visceral Fat
    Postpartum body shaping,
    Repairing after liposuction,
    High visceral fat

    Reduce pain
    Relieve joint pain

    Sports Injury
    Muscle strain of limbs

    Dysmenorrhea, cold palace


    The capacitive electrode focuses the therapy into muscle layers.
    Aiming at the superficial tissues of 3-5cm of skin, the effect is firming and anti-aging, it helps to restore the elasticity of blood vessels, rebuild the microcirculation system, provide more nutrients for fibroblasts, strengthen collagen synthesis, improve cells the flow of reactive oxygen, thereby restoring cell viability and rebuild the reticular layer.
    The resistive electrode targets tissue with higher impedance such as muscular insertions, tendons and bone surfaces.
    Aiming at the skin deep tissues of 6-8cm for visceral fat, the effect is deep repair to help dissolve and soften deep stubborn fat, and excrete fat through the circulation, while alleviating joint pain and draining the body from cold. Effectively  improve muscle tension, eliminate lactic acid, clear  the meridians, and make every cell in the body  perform aerobic exercise.

    CET RF

    CET Capacitive Electrode Transfer
    Non conductive electrode INDUCED CURRUNT-Guaranty the safeness Go into 3 to 5cm depth deep and wide part Good for skin and body care, pain relief.
    RET Resistive Electrode Transfer
    Conductive electrode Direct CURRUNT-Go into deep but narrow part For physical therapy, need high power.



    INDIBA RET High Frequency Machine Application

    Face Treatment
    For facial treatment, it helps regenerate the skin structure by increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers, so that unstructured tissues are hydrated and oxygenated, thereby improving its quality, thickening the skin and giving it greater resistance.
    Reduce fine wrinkles
    Improve eye bags and dark circles Facial rejuvenation Reduce double chin.
    One course contains 6 treatment times Ecahtre atmenttime around 40 minutes Interval time 1-2weeks.

    Body Treatment

    For body treatment, it can rebalance the cell exchange of ions and increase  metabolism, thereby oxygenating tissues and helping cells restore their natural  functions. As a result, the skin tissue regains the lost elasticity, the fat gradually disappears, the correct microcirculation is restored, and overall, the skin is rejuvenated.
    Body firming
    Reduce stretch marks
    Cellulite effect  Moisturize
    Skin rejuvenation
    Overall health

    Treatment course

    1. 1-2 times/ week,8-12 times/ course.
    2. 1-2 weeks interval,8-12 times/ course.
    3. One month interval,8-12 times/ course.

    INDIBA RET High Frequency Machine Specifications


    Indeeplus RF 448khz



    Treatment handles

    CAP y RES with vaccm

    Output power


    Monopolar Capacitive Electrode:

    φ40, 50, 60, 70mm

    Monopolar resistive electrode

    φ30, 50, 70, 80mm


    220V 50HZ o 110V 60HZ

    Machine dimensions

    320*370*820 mm

    Net weight




    INDIBA RET High Frequency Machine Effect