980nm diode laser machine

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Simple laser treatment. Simple laser vein treatment is done on the outside of your skin. It can treat spider veins and tiny varicose veinsjust under the skin’s surface. Usually, more than one laser session is needed. They are scheduled every 6 to 12 weeks, as prescribed by your. (If you have poor blood circulation feeding these tiny veins, the larger “feeder” vein must first be treated with surgery, endovenous laser or radiofrequency treatment, or sclerotherapy.)

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980nm Diode Laser for Vascular Spider Veins Blood Vessels Removal Machine

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980nm diode laser machine

Working Principle:

980nm Laser vascular removal system use foreign fiber technology and makes  fiber energy with specific wavelength, uses the MAX directional conduction patented technology target to role in a capillary, the hemoglobi within capillaries  will be shattered instantly, which is transformed into small molecules absorbed by tissue, the expansive capillary contracts and solidificates. Obvious vascular disappear immediately. 


1. Use Germany made semiconductor laser generator

2. Color touch screen,human design, fashionable,generous,easy to operate.

3. Control system with precision temperature to test the temperature all the time. Automatic high temperature warning and control system to  

  guarantee the laser generator working during the accurate temperature.

4.Working on fat cells of the target tissue, surgery does not rebound.

 5.During the fat melting process,  the collagen will regenerate again and  achieve the purpose of tightening the skin.

6.Three modes for saving treatment parameter to record the suitable  parameter for patients.

7.Automatic protect system to avoid high current, high pressure and    failure, protect the safety of patients and device.

Three treatment head

980nm laser (2)

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980nm Diode Laser for Vascular Spider Veins Blood Vessels Removal Machine (2)

laser vein removal machine paremeter

Laser type Semi conductor generator
Laser wavelength 980nm
Function Remove spider veins, vascular
Output power 200W
Work mode Pulse mode
Laser energy 50W
Pulse Width 20ms-100ms
Pulse delay 0,180ms-900ms
Treatment handle Focus handle
Output method Fiber output
Machine size 40*32*33CM     
Net weight 8Kg
Trolley size 67*66*32CM   
Gross weight 15Kg

Treatment procedure

1. Clean the treatment area, the hair area needs to be removed

2. Apply anesthetic cream to the treatment area as needed

3. The patient needs to wear protective goggles, the operator needs to wear protective glasses.

4. Adjust the parameters. Generally the vascular has thick or thin, and the depth affected a lot for the parameter setting, we suggest you adjust the parameter according to the patient’s skin reaction, if the skin reaction is very obvious and capillary become white, it indicates the effect is better. If the skin has little reaction, it indicates the energy is not enough, so need to increase the energy. And start from low-energy, then find a most suitable energy for treatment, if the skin become redness which means good

5. After treatment, apply ice for 10-20 minutes. It is recommended to apply repair products or scald ointment to the treatment site to speed up skin recovery.

6. Don’t touch water in 24 hours. The treatment is generally 1-4 times, and the course of treatment is maintained, with an interval of about one month each time(until the wound recovers)


We have sold a lot of products to all over the world. Our company participates in many exhibitions every year, such as Italy, Dubai, Spain, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Turkey and Romania. There are some photos below:

Package and delivery

We package the machine in export standard metal box, and we use DHL, FedEx or TNT to delivery the machine to you by door to door service.

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