portable ems sculpting machine

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Magnetic wave(energy):0-7tesla
VOltage:220V 10-100/Hz
Out put power:2600W
Frequency:F1:1-10Hz F2:1-100Hz
pulse width:300us
screen:15.6 inch
Treatment handle:I-B1 、II-B2
machine size:340mm*380mm*645mm
package size: 660mm*490mm*695m(error within 20mm )
Net weight:19Kg

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Super energy handle, ergonomic,

Perfect for arms, waist, chest, thighs and calves.

Portable EMSlim Machine


Voluntary contractions may increase the demand for energy from fat cells. Released epinephrine signals the fat cells to initiate lipolysis.

Strong ultra-maximum contraction enhances the release of adrenaline Trigger cascade effect leading to ultra-maximum lipolysis Fat cells.

The free fatty acids(FFAs) overflow causes cell dysfunction and induction of apoptosis ‒ programmed cell death. Dead cells collapse and are naturally flushed away.

Intensive supramaximal contractionsstimulate,muscles’ respondence with a deepremodeling of its inner struc ture, results inincreased muscle density and volume.

 Portable EMSlim Machine


 Portable EMSlim Machine

Product Advantage

Use of HI-EMT: A specific range of frequencies that do not allow the muscle to relax between successive stimuli, forcing the muscle to remain contractive for several seconds.Muscle formation occurs when muscle tissue is repeatedly exposed to these high load conditions.

Studies have shown that abdominal muscle thickness increases by an average of 15-16% one to two months after treatment with HI-EMT.


portable emsculpt machine

portable emsculpt machine


One of the biggest advantages of this product is that its size is relatively small. Compared with other similar products in the market, it is more compact and lightweight. This product is particularly friendly for people who need to use Portable Emslim Machine in different environments, whether it is work professionals and home users. Although this Portable Emslim Machine is much smaller than the size of other plastic muscle instruments, However, ITS FUNCTIONALITY is in No Way Inferior to that of a Large Vertical Muscle Toning Device.


In addition, the compact design of this product also makes storage and space saving easier. Because its size is small, it is not large to find a place to retain it in the closet, the storage box or the small cabinet. The ability to store equipment and put equipment in a convenient position means that when you need it, it will always be available.


Overall, the size of this product is very unique. It provides users with a more convenient, flexible and efficient method to adjust and enhance muscles.


Treatment With three handles

USING FOR:Belly, Buttocks,Thighs

USING FOR:Thighs,Arms,Logs

USING FOF:Pelvic Floor Muscle

portable emsculpt machine


 portable emsculpt machine


Machine parameters

portable emsculpt machine

Magnetic wave(energy) 0-7tesla
VOltage 220V 10-100/Hz
Out put power 2600W
Frequency F1:1-10Hz F2:1-100Hz
pulse width 300us
Mode model-Imodel-IImodel-IⅢ
screen 15.6 inch
Treatment handle I-B1 、II-B2
machine size 340mm*380mm*645mm
package size 660mm*490mm*695mm(error within 20mm )
Net weight 19Kg

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