laser and led hair loss treatment machine

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laser and led hair loss treatment machine is a device designed to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth using technologies like low-level laser therapy (LLLT), micro-needling, or electrical stimulation. These machines improve scalp blood circulation, enhance nutrient delivery, and activate dormant follicles. Suitable for both men and women with hair thinning or loss, they are non-invasive, easy to use, and can be used at home or in clinical settings. Regular use can result in thicker, healthier hair and better scalp health.

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laser and led hair loss treatment machine

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Technologies for HR-II:
1.650nm diode laser
2.808nm infrared laser
3.630nm red PDT
4.460nm blue PDT
5. 580nm yellow PDT
6. PDT&EMS comb
7. Single head Oxygen Jet—for epidermis
8. Oxygen gun—Oxygen spray

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1. Stimulate the scalp, anti-hair loss, no harm, no consumables, no drug side effects
2. Six in one hair mask
3. Accurate light dose, output stability, long life
4. For male and female hair loss, six kinds of automatic programming, used in Different stages of hair loss
5. Multi-hand designed
6. Dual-color interactive touch

1. Seborrheic, pathological, physical, chemical and obesity hair loss
2. Catagen and telogen hair loss
3. Follow-up care after hair transplant
4. Improving the hair quality

The feature of this machine: 
1.Five kinds of wavelength (808nm,650nm,630nm,580nm, 460nm ). 
2.Lasers and LED cold laser mixed in one helmet. Most of the laser hair regrowth machine in the market only has the 650nm laser. Or only LED. But our SH650-1 hair regrowth system combines two kinds of lasers and 3 kinds of LED. 
3. Laser and LED lights are imported from Japan. We use higher quality Japanese laser and LED light. Energy is stable, lifetime is longer. 
4.Oxygen spray pen. Used for clean and sterilize scalp. 
5.Medicine spray pen. It can help the hair regrowth medicine like Minoxidil average on the scalp. 
6.Micro-current massage comb. To help medicine absorbed faster, and do massage to the scalp. 
7.Professional hair & Scalp analyzer. It can do the analysis for hair and scalp, save 2000 patients’ information, before and after photos (It has a camera to take photos), and print analysis report. 
8. The system is very easy to operate. The work time for the 5 wavelengths is adjusted separated. Most the machine in the market has no Medicine spray pen, Micro-current comb, Oxygen sprayer, also no Hair& Scalp analyzer.

laser hair loss treatment laser hair growth (3)

1. Accelerate blood circulation to improve regeneration ability collagen fibers and promote metabolism
2. Modulate the hair follicles
3. Regulate oil secretions
4. Promote scalp health, improve hair quality
5. Promote nutrient absorption

Technologies for hair mask:
1. 630nm red PDT
2. 580nm yellow PDT
3. 470nm blue PDT
4. 650nm red laser
5. 808nm infrared laser
6. Oxygen therapy

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