Portable Pico Second laser machine

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pico laser uses the latest laser technology to remove all colors and hues of Portable Pico Second laser machine by delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin. That targets the pigment of tattoo in kwhile avoiding unmarked skin. The Pico laser breaks down the ink into tiny dust-like particles, which are easily eliminated by the body. The result isa clear, clean slate after just a few laser treatment sessions.

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Working Theory

According to the principle of selective photopyrolysis,the shorter the laser's working time, the less energy the laser energy accumulated in the target tissue will spread to the surrounding tissue. The energy is limited on the target area to be treated, and the surrounding normal tissue is protected, so the selectivity of the treatment is improved and strong.The pulse width of the picosecond laser is only one-hundredth of that of the traditional Q-switched laser. Under this ultra-short pulse width, the light energy is too late to be converted into heat energy, and almost no photothermal effect occurs. The volume of the laser beam is rapidly expanded after being absorbed by the target, and rapidly being torn into pieces by blasting.The damage caused is smaller and the number of treatments is shorter, resulting in stronger efficacy.

 When treating, each emitted light energy emitted by the picosecond(ps) laser stays on the skin for a very short period of time (minimum 550 x 10-12), which is more quickly than the general laser (QS 1064nm rubidium chromium, 5 x 10-9)The application of fast picoseconds can produce a "fast mechanical light shock wave" of melanin, which instantly causes a strong shock wave of melanin. The completely shattered melanin becomes a dust state, which can be quickly metabolized, greatly reduce thermal damage, avoid anti-black, and quickly recover the highland. The treatment effect is better than all the laser instruments for spot removal.

The rapid shock wave time of the Picosecond mechanical laser is superior to the general laser speed. The probability of thermal damage to the skin is greatly reduced, and the risk of stimulating melanin hyperplasia (anti-black) is also reduced.


Treatment range:

1.Pigment of epidermis and derma layer
2.Nevus of Ota and birth mark
3.Freckles, Black spot, Age spots ,Coffee spots and sun-burn spots.
4.Skin rejuvenationskin whitening and resurfacing
5.Acne scar removal and blood vascular clearance
6.Body tattoo, eyebrow tattoo and lips line



Treatment Course

(1) Freckles are recommended to be treated 1-2 times, chloasma is 4--6 times, the doctor decides whether to increase the treatment can see the recovery after treatment

(2) Tattoo removal is mainly determined by the color material. Natural color material can be used only 3 times, and other color materials should be treated according to the recovery situation, with an interval of 3-4 weeks



100-800mJ adjustable


1-20Hz adjustable

The energy is 100-300 mj, and the frequency is adjustable from 1-20Hz;

The energy is 350-550 mj, the frequency is adjustable from 1-15Hz;

The energy is 600-800mj, the frequency is 1-10Hz adjustable


Current count,It will be cleared when you click once; click Count to display the total points used


ready signal;when SIMMER turn to green, you can click the working.                 


When WORKING lights up, step on the foot switch to emit light

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